Sitoo Product Recommendations SPI

Sitoo Product Recommendations SPI is a feature for giving product recommendations in the POS, based on a single product.

SPI (Service Provider Interface)

The SPI is the definition of the API required to use the service in Sitoo. Therefore, the external service needs to fully implement the API definition.


Authentication of the calls is optional for the server implementing it, but highly recommended. The authentication should be done using the HTTP basic authentication mechanism. Requests to the endpoint will be done over a secure connection, adding an Authorization header to the request. Example:

Authorization: Basic MTAwMjAtMTQwOmJ1TnhvT3gybzVrTTJKTWMzVmhCWDIwazRHaWs0cUtYeUtmZzMzMkE=)
Do not use the Sitoo API credentials for authenticating the call. The server implementing the SPI needs to have its own implementation for authentication.

Public Server

The URL used for the service needs to have public access with a valid SSL certificate.

Best Practices & Guidelines

Try to follow these best practices to achieve the goals of having this feature, at the same time as the POS user and customer will have a good experience of it.

Response Times

The service needs to be implemented to have response times held to a minimum (less than 1 second) since it will be part of the POS UI for customers.

Product SKUs Returned

The service is expected to return SKUs for product that are available in the POS local product database. If an SKU that does not exist in the local product database, then it will not be shown.


The following limitations exist for the service.

Max number of items

The maximum number of items allowed per recommendation type is 64.


This feature requires an activation on the account. Once this feature has been activated, it will have precedence over any other product recommendations for the POS.