Prices and Campaigns

In this guide we will go through the integration of price lists, prices and campaigns in Sitoo.

Price Lists

Sitoo POS handles multiple price lists. If a product exists in multiple price lists, the lowest price (best for customer) is selected. Pricelists can also be tagged which allows price lists to be specified for certain campaigns or stores. Price list items can be added in batches with SKU as the key.

Multiple Price Lists

Note! To be able to use multiple price lists, it is required that all your prices are stored including VAT. This is not a problem for customers that are new to Sitoo, but if you have been using Sitoo for a long time, you may have to prepare your system to activate this feature. If you are unsure of your setting for this, you can have an administrator go into the backoffice and check the setting Storing of Product Prices on the Settings / General page.

Important Price List Fields (POST/PUT)

pricelistnamePrice list name
activeIf set to false then the price list will be deactivated
externalidExternal ID of price list
currencycodeCurrency of the price list (ISO 4217, alpha-3 uppercased)
tagsThe tags for this price list. Tags can be used to only apply the price list for certain stores or campaigns

Default Price List

All products in the Sitoo system have prices set in the default price list. The default price lists always has the pricelistid value of 1. The default price list cannot be deleted.

See the Price Lists endpoints for more information.


Prices are set using price list items. The key for price list item can be either productid or sku. Example setting the prices of two products using the Batch Set Price List Items endpoint:

"sku": "36305-1",
"moneyprice": "795.00"
"sku": "36401-1",
"moneyprice": "895.00"

Default Product Prices

If the field moneyprice is provided for the POST/PUT endpoints for products, then the value will set the price list item for the default price list. If the field moneyprice is not provided, the price in the default price list will be zero("0.00") until it has been set.

Zero-priced Products

When a product has the price set to zero("0.00"), the POS will treat it as a product that needs to have a price set by the teller and will display a dialog asking for the price that the product should be sold for. This can be useful in various cases, e.g. when selling gift cards with custom value on them.


Vouchers are used to set up campaigns in Sitoo. The key property for a voucher is voucherid. Vouchers are grouped into the following types where the group type is implicit from the vochertype property:

Order Vouchers

The voucher is applied to the entire purchase with some exceptions

  • OrderDiscountM Money discount proportionally distributed on all items in purchase
  • OrderDiscountX Percentage discount on all items in purchase
  • OrderBuyForMGetDiscountN Buy for M (money) get N discount (money)

Product Vouchers

The voucher is applied to the products that are connected to it

  • ProductDiscountM Money discount per product
  • ProductDiscountX Percentage discount per product
  • ProductBuyXForPriceM Buy X (quantity) for M (money)
  • ProductBuyXPayForY Buy X (quantity) pay for Y (quantity)
  • ProductBuyXPayForYDiscountZRest Buy X (quantity) pay for Y (quantity) and get rest at discount Z (percentage)
  • ProductBuyMinXDiscountY Buy minimum X (quantity) and get discount Y (percentage)
  • ProductBuyXGetDiscountList Buy X (quantity) get discounts in list
  • ProductBuy3For2Or2For1AndAHalf Buy 3, pay for 2, or buy 2, pay for 1.5

Package Vouchers

The voucher is applied to a specific combination of products in a package

  • PackageBuyForPriceM Buy product package for M (money)

Price List Vouchers

The voucher activates certain price lists

  • PricelistActivate Activate price lists with selected tags

Important Voucher Fields (POST/PUT)

Depending on the voucher type used, the correct variables need to be set, e.g. Using ProductDiscountM, the value_m needs to be set with the money value that should be discounted.

activeposSet to false to deactivate voucher. Should only be used temporarily. If the voucher is never to be used again, then it should be deleted instead
vouchercodeCode used for grouping vouchers in reports and stats
voucherpasswordIf set, the voucher will be locked with this password
vouchernameName of this voucher
datestartIf set, the voucher will not be active until this date
dateendIf set, the voucher will stop being active at this date
tagsIf set, then the voucher will only be applied for stores with any of tag set for the voucher
vouchertypeThe Voucher Type (See above for details)
value_x, value_y, value_z, money_m, money_n, vouchername1, vouchercode1, vouchername2, vouchercode2Variables used depending on the vouchertype
maxusesThe maximum number of times the voucher can be applied for a single purchase
priorityThe priority of the voucher where 1 is highest and 5 is lowest (default is 3)
pricelisttagsThese tags are used to activate price lists with the same tags (Only used for vouchertype PricelistActivate)
productoptionsArray of voucherproductoption. Each option of the array must be fulfilled for the voucher to be applied. voucherproductoption (Only used for vouchertype PackageBuyForPriceM)
discountoptionsArray of voucherdiscountoption. Each discount option can be used if the products required have been added to the cart. (Only used for vouchertype ProductBuyXGetDiscountList)

See the Vouchers endpoints for more information.


Influencers can be used to help sales in Sitoo Retail Platform by giving out a unique code to each influencer. The code then redeemed by a follower in Sitoo POS to activate a campaign locked by a voucher password. The usage of the influencer codes can then be tracked in real-time. The key property for an influencercode is code and is also used in POST/PUT.

Important Influencer Code Fields (POST/PUT)

codeThe unique influencer code. Can only contain [0-9a-zA-Z&_-.]
nameThe name of the influencer for this code. Displayed on the receipt printed by the POS
activeSet to false to deactivate this influencer code
datestartThe date used for the activation of this influencer code. No activation date if value is null
dateendThe date used for the expiration of this influencer code. No expiration date if value is null
voucherpasswordThe password used for unlocking the voucher
vouchercodeValue used to override vouchercode in the voucher applied for the purchase, or null to leave original value
vouchernameValue used to override vouchername in the voucher applied for the purchase, or null to leave original value
vouchercommentValue used to override vouchercomment in voucher the voucher applied for the purchase, or null to leave original value
maxusesThe maximum times the influencer code can be used or null for unlimited use

See the Influencer Codes endpoints for more information.

Influencer Vouchers

To integrate the use of Influencers with another system, the Influencer Vouchers endpoints can be used to maintain the tracking at one place.

See the Influencer Vouchers endpoints for more information.